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Brief overview

On this page you can find projects from my channel, as well as featured software. Please credit Enderman/MalwareWatch and/or original authors if you plan to publicly share the information or showcase given software anywhere on the Internet. Sharing is caring!

If you'd like to get your software project or an idea featured on my channel, contact us at [email protected]! Heads up: most of the suggestions are turned down, since the quality bar is extremely high. Don't be disappointed if your project doesn't quite make it. Contact us only if you have something actually worthy to share - that will save a lot of time for us and strengthen your chances of securing a spot here. Thanks in advance.


We will respond only to the best of the best submissions, we ignore intentionally garbage or common mainstream malware (e. g. GDI, BitBlt spam, MBR overwriters, forkbombs). The best types of submissions include but are not limited to:
  • HDD images of severely Adware-infected machines   The best for comprehensive analysis
  • Rogue Antimalware/FakeAV programs and collectionsThe most valued
  • Annoying PUPs
  • Rare OpenCandy and/or fake installers with optional offers
  • Adware modules & droppers
  • Toolbars & docked browsers
  • Browser link & start page modifiers
  • Any fake or malicious Adobe Flash Player installer    The rarest installers
Miners and Spywares are not preferrable. If you ever stumble upon any of the mentioned families of malware, it would make my day if you sent them right to our mailbox. One man's trash is another man's treasure. It's an important malware hunt for me. The submissions of that kind have the most potential of being featured in my future videos. Everyone will be credited under my videos and here, if put on the website.

Composing an e-mail

Already got something to share? That's great news! Let me show you where to begin. For convenience sake, I created a template. It's easy to compose and search for in the flood of messages in my inbox! Here are a few rules you might want to stick to:

  • Title should contain the words "submission" in it. I check most of the e-mails, but "submission" is of way higher priority.
    Got no idea what to call the e-mail? Type in Adware Submission.
  • In the e-mail itself, tell me where the file originated from. If its origin is some shady website, attach the link to it as well.
    If you're sending a website submission, that's perfectly fine! Just link it, and that's it!
  • Optionally, attach a screenshot of it in action.
  • Double-check you send the malware to a correct recepient - [email protected]
It's important to note that the points above aren't requirements. They're just parts of a template - something to build your e-mail upon. I also check the spam folder, so no need to worry about it getting there. Wish you great time and luck performing your own adware/modern malware runs. Stay caring and safe, both in real life and online.


Here's an example of 2 well-composed e-mails, which I quickly located in my inbox, analyzed with almost no effort and responded to.

My projects

I have uploaded videos ever since February of 2016, and at this point it's almost like a part of me. I can't imagine myself not doing YouTube at any point in my life. I mainly upload small projects for fun, some of them get quite popular with the public, however here I'll leave a few big ones I'm famous for.

1 / 10
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Windows XP 20th Anniversary All New Build

Hats off, the biggest project I've ever done in my life.

2 / 10
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Using Windows 7 for its final days...

14th January 2020 marked the end of Windows 7 lifespan, so I used it for a couple of days.

3 / 10
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Destroying Windows 10 with Ads

To be done...

4 / 10
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Fake download buttons

To be done...

5 / 10
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Malware from a fake installer

To be done...

6 / 10
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Malware from link shorteners

To be done...

7 / 10
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The new YouAreAnIdiot

To be done...

8 / 10
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To be done...

9 / 10
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Windows CTAC

To be done...

10 / 10
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Destroying XP To Go

To be done...