What is Malware Watch?

Malware is art! Don't let it become a filthy criminal's tool.

Malware Watch is a project of Enderman, aimed towards raising awareness and expanding the knowledge about more peculiar and unknown malware types to the most people. We offer a broad arrangement of helpful software designed to mitigate possible risk of users getting their computers infected, identify and localize potential threats, debug and reverse malicious samples and generally let people learn specific aspects of cybersecurity. The website also contains a wide selection of software designed to customize Microsoft Windows and its components. Finally, Malware Watch includes a malware sample collection as subjects for testing inside sandboxes (controlled environments). The links in our repository might lead to external resources that had been safety-checked before publication.

Please understand, that misusing and spreading malware for your personal gain is prohibited by the law. We are not responsible for any damage our samples might have caused to your computer.

Helping other people should not be hard, should it?

Of course not. But if you read the whole history of our website below, you'd see a complete opposite. In reality, it is extremely difficult to help people, but what's even worse is to hear all the voices out. There's literally no way for a small group of good friends to process even a half of users' questions or contribution attempts. That is why most of your questions are kept unanswered - only the best questions and contributions are selected. So, we think it would be a good idea to address some of the frequently asked questions in this block of the about page.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Malware Watch your main project?
A: No, it is not. Enderman is my main project, and I believe it always will be.

Q: Are there any more projects you've got asides from Malware Watch?
A: Obviously. There's a special "Projects" page on this website that will guide you.

Q: Is the software/malware free to use/review on my channel?
A: Absolutely. If you want to show appreciation, you should credit Enderman or Malware Watch.

Q: Is the software in your repository safe? My antivirus told me it isn't.
A: Why would I try to infect your computer as a respected celebrity online? False positive it is.
Q: The software/malware here doesn't work. Please help!
A: It does and has been thoroughly checked before uploading. If there is some bug, though, please contact us (details are in the final section).

Q: Are you going to make your malware open-source?
A: Yeah, I think so. One of these days.

Q: When are you going to upload?
A: Whenever I can and want to. There is nothing stopping me from doing it at any given moment.

Q: Please review and put up my malware I made in ba...

History of the website

History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.

Since its humble beginnings in late 2017, Malware Watch (back then as a personal website of Enderman) tried its best to serve people by hosting helpful software and have malware samples available free for all. Sadly, no host appraised us for that despite our best efforts to prove the hosting in good faith. We had been wandering around the internet since day one, and we strongly believe that will not end anytime soon. Over the years we learned a lot, especially how it takes just one person to ruin everything. Personally, as I am writing this I would like to thank everyone who had been with us for such a long time, you guys are awesome. No matter how little your support was, it was of a kind, and it is to this day exactly what drives us to continue running this project. Even the people that hated on us with passion. I can't say you're great, but thank you for making us stronger.

Malware Watch survived dozens of fake abuse reports and DDoS attacks, at least 5 host changes.

Project's incredible growth throughout the years.

  • 2017 - We started as a small website on Enderman's friend's friend's server (yes, you heard correct) and weren't aimed particularly towards malware.
  • 2018 - As we continued to grow, we were able to afford a new small VPS, a really cheap one, but at least we were independent from eveyone at that point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 2019 - We afforded our first domain and our first dedicated server, which hugely expanded our software repository and helped to host Enderman's files.
  • 2020 - That is where we reached the highest point of growth so far, having a Gigabit server and a lot of haters that almost took it down. We stood strong.
  • 2021 - Nothing serious happened yet... This is the never-ending story of growth, hate and share.